This is how the search works
The easiest way to find images 
is to use the drop down menu 
with controlled vocabulary on
the left. Click on main category 
which usually reveals a selection 
of sub categories. 

Click on a sub category to load pages of thumbnail 
images. Click a thumbnail to load a larger image to 
view. If you wish to license an image simply make 
a note of the seven digit number(s) and go to the 
'how to order' section.

To save a sample image for your reference or rough 
layout, on PC right click over an image and follow 
the menu to save, on MAC click and hold. 
Please read our copyright notice.

Another very easy way to search is to send an 
email to with an outline 
of your project and we will offer suggestions and 
advice. All licensing however is by the local agent 
in your country listed in 'how to order'. 

Clients in UK phone 01398 331598